Research Projects

ICE-ARC - Ice, Climate, Economics - Arctic Research on Change funded by European Commission, 7th Framework Programme

ACCESS - Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society funded by the Ocean of Tomorrow call of the European Commission, 7th Framework Programme

NETCARE - Network on Climate and Aerosols: Addressing Key Uncertainties in Remote Canadian Environments, participant in the POLAR6 Aircraft Campaign in July 2014

GSHOX - Radical chemistry over sunlit snow: interactions between HOx and halogen chemistry at Summit, Greenland, an IPY project focused on measurements and modeling of photochemical cycling over sunlit snow

POLMIP - The POLARCAT Model Intercomparison Project, a model intercomparison project based on POLARCAT (POLar study using Aircraft, Remote sensing, surface measurements and modelling of Climate, chemistry, Aerosols and Transport) field experiments. 

PACES - New effort to coordinate international research on Arctic air pollution (from local and remote emissions) and the impacts on regional air quality, ecosystems, and climate.


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